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Application & Care

How to Apply, Remove & Care for your EYEWEAR LASHES CO. lashes in 7 easy steps!


  • tools

    (1) WONDER-Bond™ Adhesive
    (2) Tweezers
    (3) Scissors
    (4) Disposable Mascara Wand

    Helpful Hint: Apply your eye makeup beforehand; our natural & lightweight lashes blend effortlessly, so skip the clumpy mascara!

    If you’re a beginner, you may find it easier to start with tweezers.

  • Apply 1

    1. Use handy removal tabs to gently lift lashes from tray.

  • Apply 2

    2. Measure eyelashes to fit your natural lash line, stop just short of the outer lids.

  • Apply 3

    3. If needed, cut lashes at the corners to fit. Ideally, trim from the outer ends.

  • Apply 4

    4. Apply a thin layer of WONDER-Bond™ glue along the entire lash band; start from the middle of the band, then spread outwards towards the ends. If you have watery eyes, apply an added dollop of glue to either end for extra hold.

  • Apply 5

    5. After ~15sec gently position lashes into place, & press down at the base of your lash line.s

  • Apply 6

    6. Use mascara wand to gently comb & blend in eyelashes with your natural lashes.

    Helpful hint: Avoid using eyelash curlers directly on your mink lashes. Instead, try the gentle heat from a heated lash curler to brush, blend & list your lashes in place. Go over your lash line with eyeliner to cover any gaps or excess glue.

  • Apply 7

    7. You’re done! Now enjoy your beautiful EYEWEAR LASHES CO. lashes!


  • tools remove

    (1) STRIP-Ease™ Lash Serum
    (2) Q-tip
    (3) Tweezers

    Helpful Hint: STRIP-Ease™ Lash Serum is an adhesive remover which cleanses & reconditions your eyelashes after every use.

    The exclusive formulation includes essential oils, which boost the length & health your natural lashes, so don’t skip this step!

  • Remove 1

    1. Use Q-tip to dab STRIP-Ease™ lash serum along your entire lash line.

  • Remove 2

    2. After ~20sec gently press down upon eyelashes, and pull away slowly to remove.

  • Remove 3

    3. Dab STRIP-Ease™ onto any remaining adhesive residue & wipe away from the lash line.

  • Remove 4

    4. Take your eyelash and hold it firmly on the middle of the lash band.

  • Remove 5

    5. Gently peel off glue remnants from the lash band; take care not to tug on the hairs.

    Handy Tip: Use tweezers for a more precise process and avoid pulling out any eyelash hairs.

  • Remove 6

    6. Keep your eyelashes in like-new condition by placing them in their original trays after use. This helps them to retain the natural curves.

  • Remove 7

    7. To avoid unwanted dust & debris, ensure you keep the eyelashes covered in their packaging.

How to maintain

  • image1

    (1) STRIP-Ease™ Lash Serum
    (2) Disposable Mascara Wand
    (3) Q-tip
    (4) Tweezers

    Handy Tips:
    • Avoid excessive curling. If necessary, use a precision or heated curler to avoid pinching and tugging on the eyelash hairs.
    • Avoid harmful alcohols that strip the eyelashes’ natural luster making them look dull and susceptible to fall out.
    • Mascara can create massive buildup and reduce the longevity of your eyelashes. Instead, use a mascara wand to blend falsies in with your natural lashes.
    • Some natural shedding of the hairs may occur over time, this is normal.

  • Maintain 1

    1. Avoid these items: Lash Curlers, Harsh Alcohols, & Mascara to ensure you get the most wear out of your EYEWEAR LASHES CO. collection.

  • Maintain 2

    2. Gather your tools from the LOVELY LASHES™ care kit. Take your used eyelash and hold it firmly on the middle of the lash band.

  • Maintain 3

    3. Gently peel any remnants of lash glue off the lash band. This keeps the band flexible, extending the life and comfort of your lashes.

  • Maintain 4

    4. To clean the hairs, place them on a soft paper towel atop a flat surface. Take a Q-tip saturated with STRIP-Ease™ and gently work it through the hairs in a downward motion. To remove stubborn mascara residue, follow a zip-zag pattern to create gentle friction.

  • Maintain 5

    5. Once you’ve completed the last step, place them in their original trays and use the mascara wand to gently brush through the hairs.

  • Maintain 6

    6. You’re done! Enjoy your refreshed & replenished lashes. With proper love and care, EWL Co. eyelashes can last you up to 25x wears.

Tip: to see the a continuous flow, keep your mouse down on the navigation arrows.

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