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Innovators in Beauty

EYEWEAR LASHES CO. offers an exclusive line of beautiful, 100% Genuine, Cruelty-Free Mink Lashes.

I.Kelly CEO

A world-Class line of Luxury Mink Lashes

EWL CO. mink lashes are custom designed & hand-crafted; experience this one of a kind work of art!

THE MOST Lightweight & NATURAL Looking Lashes

Get that full & natural look you've always dreamed of, yet never could achieve with your traditional mascara or synthetic lashes. Our feather-soft lash hairs and flexible cotton lash-band make EWL CO. mink lashes unbelievably comfortable & lightweight.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Wear Up to Wear Up to
Low-end Brands EWL CO.

Unlike your average lashes, EYEWEAR LASHES CO. mink lashes are long-wearing and low-maintenance!

Cruelty-Free & Fair-Trade

Our endevers to utilize only ethically sourced resources prevents countless animals from awful suffering. While our commitment to quality, ensure our employees receive fair wage to live a better, healthier life.

EWL CO. is for YOU

No matter your eye-shape, taste, or particular fancy- Feel the difference for yourself.
Shop the most luxurious lashes in the world!