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EYEWEAR LASHES CO. (EWL CO.) is proud to offer a great partnership opportunity for those who enjoy our brand. If you like quality products, exclusive designs, and great customer service, then EWL CO.'s Affiliate Program is for you! Our affiliate program allows you to profit from sharing information and opinions about the products you love. It is, at its core, a referral program. You will receive a 10% commission on purchases made by new clients using your affiliate link; cash out your earnings via PayPal, or multiply your commission by converting it to store credit. EYEWEAR LASHES CO. members may become eligible to join, so register at today!


How to Join the Program


Joining EYEWEAR LASHES CO.'s Affiliate Program is easy and will take you less than 2 minutes.

  1. Open a PayPal account at If you're unable to open an account, you may receive your commission as a store credit.
  2. Open a EYEWEAR LASHES CO. customer account at, and opt in to create an Affiliate Account.
  3. Confirm you would like to create an Affiliate Account, and ensure all required information is present under your account details.
  4. If you've already registered as a customer... Go to the 'Become an Affiliate' page, to upgrade your customer account to the Affiliate Program.
  5. If you are a US citizen, you will need to enter your social security number for tax purposes. If you reside outside the US, there is no need to enter a tax ID number.
  6. DONE!




Is having a website a required?



No, in some cases you may be eligible to register as an affiliate using your Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. as your "website". If you are uncertain and want to know if you are eligible to join contact us now!



How to Obtain your Affiliate Link



Once you become an EWL CO. Affiliate, you can access your affiliate account page by clicking on ‘My Affiliate Account’ located in the bottom menu.

In this section you can track clicks and commissions generated by your link. Your affiliate link is found in the ‘Custom Affiliate Tracking Code’ section.



Sharing your Affiliate Link



There are different ways you can share your affiliate link, (1)Direct Link & (2)Deep-Linked to Products. Your link can be shared in blog posts, in YouTube video info boxes, through your Twitter account, e-mail signature, Facebook account, etc. It is important to understand the structure of your link and how you can manipulate it to direct friends to specific sections of our site or products.

To direct someone to the home page of the EYEWEAR LASHES CO. website, just copy and paste your affiliate link AS IS.
(This link is not valid and is used for illustration only)



Using your Affiliate Link to Share a Specific Product


(1) Product Deep-link Generator

If you want to direct someone to a specific product, you can use the 'Deep-Link Generator' found under your 'Affiliate Tracking Codes' section to redirect your affiliate link to a specific product. First...
(This link is not valid and is used for illustration only)
  1. Type in the name of a product into the input box.
  2. Then Copy the Deep-link generated for that product.
  3. Share the link as you would your affiliate link.



(2) Product Deep-Link Automated

Icon AffilatesYou may utilize the automized affiliate link found on every product page. To find this tab, please ensure you've logged in under your affilaite account. Here's how it's done...

  1. Proceed to any product page.
  2. Click on the affiliate share icon.
  3. Copy your affiliate deep-link.
  4. Share the link as you would your general affiliate link.


Example show Affilaite Tab



Sharing with Affiliate Banners



You can use 'Affiliate Image Banners' under your Affiliate Account section or you may use the variety of banners that we offer throughout The Blog: 'Affiliate Category'. Visit the 'Affiliate Banner' category to explore the variety of affiliate banners we offer. Please contact for any questions about uploading a banner.

There are 3 options for pre-set banners available under your affiliate account (see below). A hyperlink which contains your affiliate link and affiliate banner is available under each option. All you have to do is...

  1. Copy the Code for a select banner.
  2. Paste it onto your blog or site.
  3. Share the link as you would your general affiliate link.


Affiliate Banner Styles

725px x 90px

170px x 170px

125px x 600px



Share Our products on your Site



Use the Blog Banner Widget to create a dynamic banner featuring select product from our shop. This banner incorporates your affiliate link and will automatically update prices, sales, and images directly onto your blog! Customize the banner with the following options...

  • Width x Height
  • Language
  • Currency Format
  • Drag & Drop Specific Product Categories
  • Share an Unlimited number of products
  • or Limit the number of products displayed
  • Control Slider Timing
Example Widget Generator



Blog Banner Widget example...



The site you in which you post this banner must have html/iframes enabled! This feature is best suited for individuals wanting to promote our products on their blog or personal domains & websites.



Affiliate Tracking



When a web surfer clicks through your affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser that contains your affiliate ID. Also, their IP address is tracked in the database along with your affiliate name. When this person decides to buy a product, a script will look for this cookie and/or try to match their IP address to identify the affiliate who will be awarded the commission. Visitors sent through your affiliate link may make a purchase later in time (up to 360 days) and the commission will still be awarded if the cookie is present in their browser and/or they are using the same IP address as the one logged in the database.

If a visitor clicks on another members' affiliate link, this cookie is reset, and the new affiliate's id is linked the customer's IP address. Any future purchases made by that customer will be awarded as commission to the new affiliate (up to 360 days).

This process can be reversed if the customer clicks on the original affiliate link again, or vice versa. To ensure you get the most commissions, please share your affiliate link often on any social or general platforms visible to potential customers.



Tracking Hits



To track the number of hits your affiliate link has received, login to 'My Affiliate Account' and click on 'Affiliate ID & Tracking Codes'. In this section you'll find the total number of hits alongside your affiliate link. (Please note: this number does not equate to total number of sales generated from your affiliate link! It simply tracks the number of times your affiliate link has been clicked. *TRAFFIC STATISTICS Coming Soon*)



Tracking Commission



To access the commission revenue you have generated, login to 'My Affiliate Account' and click on 'View your Transaction History'. In this section you'll find your current account balance.

If you have any questions regarding your commissions or payment, please email us, or use the contact form, specifying the heading Affiliate Program.



Receiving your Payment



The preferred method of payment is by PayPal PaypalIf you are accepted into the Affiliate Program, you will be asked to provide your PayPal email so your commission may be sent to you at the end of every month if <$100, or upon your request if >$100.

If you are unable to open a PayPal account or if PayPal is not available in your country, you may receive your commission as a store credit. Under your affiliate account you will see how much your commission will multiply when you opt to use it as store credit.

To convert your commission into store credit...

  1. Login to 'My Affiliate Account'.
  2. Click on 'View your Transaction History'.
  3. Under the My Transactions table submit a request to convert account balance into Store Credit.
  4. Store credit is automatically applied on your next order. It's that simple!



Any Questions? Contact Us


We are here to help and we want you to succeed. If you have any questions regarding the information provided above, please email us, or use the contact form, specifying the heading Affiliate Program. Your feedback is important to us, let us know how we can help!

Ready to get started? JOIN NOW & a warm welcome from EYEWEAR LASHES CO.!


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