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Membership Program

Our membership program is one of a kind. You can now earn Bigger & Better Benefits for simply doing what you love, shopping at EYEEWEARLASHES CO*

How do I join the Program?


  1. Register an account at
  2. Shop at EYEWEAR LASHES CO. and place your first order.
  3. You'll officially be a registered EWL CO. member & your Membership Card will shipped directly to you!





What is the EWL Co. membership Reward Card?

The EYEWEAR LASHES Membership Card is a loyalty card that lets you earn discounts for being a loyal customer.


Additional Menu ItemLUXE Silver
Additional Menu ItemRose GOld
Additional Menu ItemVIP GOld
Additional Menu ItemLUXE Silver
    (spend $25 or more)
  • Birthday Gift
  • Product Rewards
  • Seasonal Promos
  • Unlock ROSE GOLD status by spending model_account_success->getCustomerGroup('12'); echo "$".round($customer_group_value['reach_value']);?>.
Additional Menu ItemRose GOld
  • Get 10% off every order!
  • Birthday Gift
  • Product Rewards
  • Seasonal Gifts
  • Unlock VIP GOLD status by spending model_account_success->getCustomerGroup('11'); echo "$".round($customer_group_value['reach_value']);?>.
Additional Menu ItemVIP GOld
  • Get 30% off every order!
  • Birthday Gift
  • Seasonal Promos + Gift
  • Become a VIP GOLD member
    (apply now)


As an EWL CO. member, the VIP treatment doesn't just stop at Points & Rewards! You will also benefit from...


  • FREE deliveries
  • Opportunities to get BONUS points
  • FREE makeovers at beauty conventions!
  • Exclusive FREE gifts, sample and special offers
  • Regular EWL CO. emails packed with the latest EWL CO. news, hot products and exclusives



How can I get a EWL CO. membership Reward Card?


Simply place your first order at, and your card will be shipped directly to you.


How upgrade to the next rewards level?


With each level you receive even bigger savings, and all you have to do to progress to the next level is do what you love- shop at EYEWAR LASHES CO. Your spend total is tallied with every order, and when you hit the next spend marker, your account is automatically upgraded!


Who do I contact if I can't find the answer here?


If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact customer service.


My card has been lost/stolen/damaged.

If you require a replacement card, please contact customer service.



I have the old style EWL CO. membership Card; do I need to get the new style card?


No your existing EWL CO. membership card is still active and you can continue to use your card in the normal way and enjoying the fabulous benefits and perks of the scheme.


What do I need to do if I want a new style card?


If you would like the new style EWL CO. membership Reward Card you will need to follow the lost and stolen process, please contact customer service.


How do I claim my Membership reward benefits?


All you need to do is enter your membership coupon code during checkout for the rewards to apply. You will find this code under 'My Coupons' in the 'My Account' section.


How do I get free online delivery?


For free shipping enter your membership coupon code at checkout. If this discount applies to your membership level, your shipping fees will be deducted from your order.


When will I receive my membership statement?


Your account is automatically updated every time you login and place an order.


How do I check my Membership status?


Log in to your online account and your status will be display on the 'My Account' section. On the screen you will be able to see the following:

  • Membership Status: your account level (Groupie, Luxe Silver, Rose Gold, VIP Gold)
  • Spend total required to reach the next membership level.
  • Your remaining spend total required to reach your next level.



Do EWL CO. membership Cards expire?


No your membership card does not expire.*


If I return an item what happens to my points & benefits?


Your points will be deducted from your account, and your membership status reduced, if applicable.



*Terms and Conditions of the EYEWEAR LASHES CO. Membership program are subject to changes, without prior notice.



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