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Reward Points

Reward points add up to product discounts, and when you save 250 points you may receive a FREE Pair of Mink Lashes*!

How many points do I get?

The value of $1 US Dollar = 1 Reward Point*.

There is no minimum spend to claim rewards so spend as much or as little as you like and still collect points at EYEWEAR LASHES CO.*! You must be logged into your account when you place your orders to ensure your balance is saved. To view your reward points balance, simply log into your account. On the 'My Account' page, your reward points balance will be displayed & when you click on 'Your Reward Points' link you will be directed to view your reward points history,.

How to Use Points

When you collect an adequate number of points at EYEWEAR LASHES CO., you can apply them towards the purchase of a select number of products. To do this...

  1. Add your products to your shopping bag.
  2. Go to 'View your Shopping Bag' section.
  3. Click on 'Use Reward Points' option listed below items.
  4. If you've saved an adequate number of points, you can choose to apply them to your order.
  5. Use an amount equal to or less than your total reward points; to remove points from order, enter 0 as a value.
  6. Upon checkout the used points will be deducted from your reward points account balance.

How do I check my balance?

Log in to 'My Account', and your balance will be displayed next to 'Your Reward Points'. You can then access this section to view your reward points balance history.

Can I collect points with all EWL CO. purchases?

Yes, you will collect points on all purchases made online and at select EYEWEAR LASHES CO. trade shows.

When will I be able to spend my points?

You may spend your points at anytime, there is not set limit before you may cash out your rewards! Save your points overtime and you can avail of FREE products with minimum value of 250 reward points.

If I return an item what happens to my points?

Your points will be deducted from your account.

Why can I see a minus amount on my account?

If you can see a minus amount on your account it will either relate to a refund, see 'If I return an item what happens to my points?' or you will have claimed too many Bonus Points in one day. EYEWEAR LASHES CO. points promotions are limited to one set of Bonus Points per customer per day. If more than one set of Bonus Points are added in a day, these Bonus Points will be deducted from your account.

When do my points expire?

Your reward points never expire!*.

I forgot to use my reward points on an order

If you have forgotten to use your Reward points on an order, contact us to cancel your order. After confirmation is received and your order has been cancelled, you may them login to you account and place another order, this time ensuring you apply the appropriate points.

I purchased an item offline/beauty event, can I still get reward points?

Yes, at EYEWEAR LASHES CO. events in which you are eligible to collect reward points, show us your Membership Card ID # and we will apply your rewards points directly onto your account.

Here are some fun ways to stack up FREE BONUS points:

5 Register an Account

Register an account at and you'll get 5 free rewards points. Register Now

10 Subscribe to Newsletter

The easiest way to get points. Sign up to receive insider tips from our friendly eyelash expert CEO, exclusive access to secret sales or perk codes, and first dibs on Fab Freebie events that don’t get announced anywhere else!

10 Place your First Order That's right, you'll earn 10 free points by simply doing what you love, shopping with EWL CO.!
10 Submit a Product Review

Share your thoughts - submit a product review on our site!
There’s no limit to how many products you can review. Just make sure your reviews are helpful to others!

+5 Include a Photo

Submit a clear photo of yourself wearing EWL CO. Lashes™ when you post your review, and you'll receive an additional 5 reward points. Your photo will be super helpful to other customers, especially when it accompanies a product review!

+5 Include YouTube Review

Include a Review or Makeup Look Tutorial from your YouTube channel using the select product.

Post the 'youtube share link' in the appropriate field when submitting your product review.

(1) Please include footage of yourself holding up the packaging somewhere in your video so other people can clearly view the item, and we can confirm its featured in your video.

(2) Include the NAME and PRODUCT LINK in the video description bar.

(3) Your videos' content must be relevant to this particular product, and should not contain vulgarity, profanity, illegal behavior or content.

Videos must satisfy all requirements listed above.

While EYEWEAR LASHES CO. appreciates your contribution and effort, we reserve the right to remove videos that do not follow our 'Product Review Guidelines'.

For more information, please see the F.A.Q. section on 'product review guidelines'.

+5 Include Blog Post/Review

Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, whatever your niche you're part of the EWL Co. blogger crew. If you've written a blog post thats'all a buzz about this item we want to see it!

(1) Blog posts accepted pertain to singular items, and your content should not contain vulgarity, profanity, illegal behavior or content.

(2) Include the NAME and PRODUCT LINK in the blog post.

(3) Simply Copy & Paste the direct link of your blog post and submit it alongside your product review.

Blog posts must satisfy all requirements listed above.

While EYEWEAR LASHES CO. appreciates your contribution and effort, we reserve the right to remove links that do not follow our 'Product Review Guidelines'.

Alternatively, you may post general reviews, hauls, or shopping experiences in our BLOG BUZZ section, here.

If you have any additional questions regarding review submission please see the F.A.Q. section.

5 Makeup Look Tutorial

Publish a Makeup Look Tutorial on your blog or on YouTube channel using our EWL CO. Lashes™ and receive free reward points.

This may include, and is subject to our discretion, posting our product's NAME & LINK in your video description bar, or blog post.

10 Professional Photos

Email us your professional, high-quality photo(s). Please include...

  1. Lash Name/Model #(s)
  2. Order/Invoice #
  3. Your Full Name
  4. Portfolio Website

You must satisfy all requirements listed above. Reward points awarded for approved photos only. Maximum 100 Reward Points per customer

By sharing this media with EYEWEAR LASHES CO., it it becomes subject to our Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms & Conditions.

*Terms and Conditions of the EYEWEAR LASHES CO. Rewards program are subject to changes, without prior notice. If we find you have violated any of our terms we may deduct reward points from your account, or suspend your account in cases where our terms are continuously violated.

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