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When you're shopping for false eyelashes you most likely stop by your local drugstore or Walmart to checkout what's available. In this case you're already familiar with the quality (or lack of) you get with your average lashes. Most false eyelashes are made from synthetic material- itchy, hard, plastic, which is often very FAKE looking. Due to their un-natural fibers synthetic lashes are thicker and fail to mimic the human hair. Some brands advertise human hair lashes, and with this trend you often see them using uncomfortable plastic fibers to hold the lash hairs in place. That's why EYEWEAR LASHES CO. created a revolutionary collection of natural mink lashes that's crafted with fur strands that are ultra fine and tapered to give you lashes that are virtually 100% undetectable.


What are you putting on your skin (and into your body)?

Did you know that most eyelash adhesives contain very harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia and more? Read how EYEWEAR LASHES CO. has revolutionized the beauty industry by introducing its first ALL NATRUAL, Botanically Infused False Lash Glue!


We've scoured the beauty scene to found the hottest fall flutter fashion that you'll well, FALL FOR!


To get things stared, please have a look at our "Lash-style Personality Quiz"




EYEWEAR LASHES CO. lashes brings to you the most luxurious natural lashes you will ever wear!
We’ve perfected the 100% mink lash with the everyday women's needs in mind.

EYEWEAR LASHES CO. Lashes are hand-made, cruelty-free, looks great on all eye shapes and can be worn up to 25x times.

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